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Why ARiL

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ARiL product family

  • Market Knowledge
  • Performance & Ergonomic Design
  • Widespread Use
  • Effective Support
We stand by our customers with the marketing knowledge we have gained over the years.
NAR, which has adopted and succeeded in implementing world-class solutions with local resources via its young and dynamic staff since its establishment, always serves the customers with a solution partner approach by using its deep experience in the process.
  • Company establishment and history

    NAR has been established in 2002. Started to develop software solutions for energy market in 2014.

  • Field of business activity

    NAR is developing software solution specific for energy market.

We develop high performance and turnkey solutions with our expert team members.
ARiL modules, which have proven performance with stable flow and process structure with years of operation, are integrated with different measurement devices and headend systems, and are at your service with their user-friendly, visually attractive mobile compatible design, open to new integrations.
  • What is the maximum number of remote metering points that ARİL can support?

    Thanks to scalable infrastructure, there is no upper limit. Currently processing more than 600.000 singular metering point on one system.

  • Is there a Communication Unit and/or Meter dependency?

    It is integrated with all meters and modems used in the market. There is no restriction in their simultaneous work. NAR integrates all field devices into the system free of charge if the necessary technical support is provided.

  • Is there any restriction in the frequency of data reading and reporting?

    Data can be collected with the sensitivity of field devices and network capacity, and the collected data can be reported simultaneously.

  • What are the operating system and database dependencies for the modules?

    ARiL modules run smoothly in Windows and Linux operating systems depending on customer preference. Support for Oracle, MsSql, Percona, MySql, PostgreSQL as database is exist and already used.

ARİL which is holding the leading position in its market has a wide user base.
With its solutions in the market-leading position, NAR constantly updates ARIL according to the needs of the market, thanks to its experience in reading hundreds of thousands of measuring points in different distribution regions and adapting business processes.
  • Are updates made on a customer basis?

    While the improvements can be made specific to the customer, the developments made for the needs common to the sector are reflected on all customer systems.

  • What reports are included in the system for operational processes?

    Analysis and reports regarding to the processes carried out by the sector are available in the system. They are ready for direct use, as the sectoral needs are 90% similar. Customized flows and processes can be adapted.

We stand by our customers side with our expert support staff.
We are always here for support, even if it does not leave us need after our problem-free solutions in performance manner, user trainings and documentation.
  • How are requests, developments and errors tracked?

    All processes are managed through the business follow-up accounts we provide to our customers. Requests and errors are recorded, and the development steps are shared automatically.

  • How is the training process?

    Necessary trainings are given in the location determined by the customer oriented to the target user portfolio (field staff, businesses, office workers etc.) of the relevant modules. Additional trainings can be provided upon request in the following periods


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